Bob & Berts, Bury Project

Bob & Berts have been a loyal customer of Cater2 for a while now. We have successfully helped them open stores across the UK. 


With the continued rollout of stores, the objective of this project was to assist in the opening of their fourth store in England in the last year. We wanted the store to reflect the brand and not to differ much from the other stores they have opened.

This new Bob & Berts store had to be bright and easy to get used to for the staff who would be running it. We wanted to make their life as easy as possible.


The team at Cater2 team designed the kitchen and servery area at this new Bob & Berts, Bury store. This meant working from an empty space to provide fully functional and slick operations for the staff.

We provided bespoke stainless fabrication throughout the kitchen, incorporating the latest products and operational flow. Electrolux Professional provided the equipment needed to carry out this project. This fit-out equipment included filtration fryers, griddles, combi oven, pass through dishwasher and refrigeration. Counterline bespoke servery displays and Merrychef High-speed ovens were also essential for this job.


This new Bob & Berts store is visually stunning at completion. The Cater2 team and Bob & Berts are delighted with the final product. We wish them all the best with their new store and hopefully, we will be opening another store for them soon!

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