AquaJet MRK15/SSG


Wash Down Hose Reel with Standard Rose Head Gun


  • Spring-loaded latch mechanisms allow complete positive hose retractions every time.
  • Ground edge drive springs minimise fractures found in conventional slit edge springs.
  • Full flow shaft and swivel ensure no water pressure drop or restriction of flow.
  • De-clutching arbour eliminates the possibility of spring damage due to reverse winding of the reel spool.
  • Hose changes are made easier on open reels as the reel does not need to be pre-tensioned.
  • Metal reels are either steel powder coated or stainless steel (304) for maximum working life.
  • A variety of mounting options available.
  • Material: Standard powder-coated steel.
  • NB: Installation must comply with local water authority codes. Isolation controls and check valves not included.
  • NB: Minimum 3-bar pressure is recommended to provide reasonable washing performance.


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