IMC IMClean Pot Boy Power Brush

  • Effectively removes burnt deposits from pans and cookware.
  • Compact design allows the Pot Boy to be mounted over sink units.
  • Can be moved by a trolley (optional) to fixed equipment, for cleaning in-situ.
  • Efficient, foot-operated pneumatic switch enables quick and easy operation.
  • Unique hydraulic system means brush is driven by a fluid circuit, for safety.
  • Tough, long-lasting nylon brush head.
  • Available with wall-mounting plate, to save space.


Designed to be used on pans and cookware, the Pot Boy scrubber effectively removes encrusted or burnt deposits, enabling staff to work quickly and productively. It can also be used to clean sanitaryware , to improve hygiene standards.

Quick and easy to use, with low running costs, Pot Boy can be mounted over a sink unit, or supplied with a trolley to allow cleaning of fixed catering equipment, such as griddles and bratt pans in-situ. Additional features include a wall-mounting plate, to save on counter space, and a pneumatic, foot-operated switch, so the unit can be switched on and off easily, without the need for hand contact.

Safety is assured by Pot Boy’s unique hydraulic system – the brush is driven by a fluid circuit, which provides both electrical isolation and overload protection.

A tough, long-lasting nylon brush head is supplied with the Pot Boy, along with a Magikut exterior scrubber, for enhanced cleaning.


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