XpressChef 4i High Speed Oven


Superior cooking results FAST!
• 2000W impingement enhances browning. Easily adjustable fan speed
• 95º – 270ºC (200º – 520ºF) convection temperature range
• 3000W Infra-red radiant enhances toasting, browning, and crisping
• 2000 – 2200W dual side antenna feed microwave system heats quickly reduces cooking time.

30cm (12”) frozen pizza 2.85
15cm (6”) toasted sandwiches 0.75
Grilled fresh Salmon 2.15
0.45kg (1 lb.) fresh shrimp 1.10
Toasted Bagel 0.30
Chicken wings 2.50
Quesadillas 0.86

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Fastest in its class
  • Faster – Baking, grilling, toasting
  • High volume, high speed, batch cooking
  • Heat, Regenerate, Finish, Bake Faster
  • More even toasting/browning
  • Ample 1.38 cu ft (38 litre) cavity
  • Primary cooking appliance front or back of the house
  • Excellent food quality and throughput
Smarter, Safer, Faster
  • True Touch™ HD Touchscreen ‘smartphone-easy’ to use
  • HD photo icons means error-free cooking made easy
  • Easy to customize for any menu, concept or brand
  • Remote menu management application included
  • Easily update menus across one or multiple locations
  • Wifi, ethernet, Smart USB standard equipment
Ideal Applications
  • QSR – consistent quality no matter how busy it gets
  • Hospitality – all-day breakfast, room service, restaurants
  • Fastest sandwiches, subs and paninis
  • Pizzeria – 14″ (35 cm) pizza, wings, apps and more
  • Casual and fine – lunch, apps and entrées
  • Cafés, bars, pubs—food courts and kiosks
  • Supermarket, retail – home meal replacement
  • Stadiums, casinos
  • Full no-haggle one-year parts and labour
  • ComServ 24/7/365 service and support
  • Designed, engineered, fabricated and assembled in the USA
Industry-leading features and benefits
  • 2000W impingement enhances browning
  • Easily adjustable 0-100% fan speed
  • 95º – 270ºC (200º – 520ºF) convection temperature range
  • 3000W Infra-red radiant enhances toasting, browning, and crisping
  • 2000 – 2200W dual side antenna feed microwave reduces cook time
Safe operation and simple cleaning
  • Inner door drops down below cooking surface for safe removal of food from cavity
  • Porcelain IR element cover enhances operator safety and simplifies maintenance
  • Infra-red element tilts-up for cleaning
  • Non-stick oven liners preinstalled for easy cleaning
  • Removable, cleanable, reusable air filters for long life
Cuts Costs
  • Uses less energy than a conventional oven
  • Eliminates need for pre-cooking and holding
  • Uses standard metal trays, pans and screens
Simplifies cooking
  • True-Touch™ HD Touchscreen. Fully customizable 178mm (7”) smartphone-like display
  • Catalytic converter built-in for ventless operation
  • Large interior easily accommodates a 35cm (14”) pizza
Your menu in a fraction of the time
  • 30cm (12”) frozen pizza – 21/hour
  • 15cm (6”) toasted sandwiches – 80+/hour
  • Grilled fresh Salmon – 28/hour
  • Quesadillas – 70/hour

Speed never looked or tasted so good

XpressChef 4 USB Touchscreen

The XpressChef™ 4i is designed to satisfy even the most discriminating chefs and operators looking for a high volume oven anyone can operate with ease.

Sure it cooks lightning fast – but it’s the quality, consistency, versatility, and ease of use that will grab your attention.

Grill, bake, steam and toast.. Pizza, panini’s, toasted sandwiches, entrées, apps — you name it, the XpressChef 4i cooks it – to perfection.

When you have an oven as versatile as this, other equipment becomes almost obsolete. That means more variety in less space at a lower cost.

There’s even a panini press option for high volume sandwich menus.

Equally at home on the front counter or ‘back of the house’, it’s certified ventless which means you can locate the oven almost anywhere.

The XpressChef 4i features our best in class 7″ True Touch™ – high definition, drag-and-drop, smart-phone easy to use, touchscreen control. Plus our remote Menu Management app, wifi, ethernet and Smart USB are all standard equipment.


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